About Us

While volunteering in Intensive Care Units during COVID, every intubated patient's family member was desperate with the same request - "Can you please hold up the phone so my loved one can hear my voice?"

    What is important to us

    VoiceLove believes that a loving voice plays a fundamental role in the healing process. VoiceLove connects people and streamlines operations to facilitate communication and improve care.

    Human Connection
    Equality & Inclusivity
    Operational Efficiency

    Our mission

    VoiceLove's mission is to provide free and easy communication for patients and healthcare professionals to ultimately build patient trust and improve hospital workflow.

    Our vision

    VoiceLove aims to transform a faulty communication system and disheartening patient experience that exists in the current medical space through innovative technology created to serve people and improve lives.

    Meet our team

    Tamatha Fenster, MD


    Dr. Tamatha Fenster specializes in minimally invasive laparoscopic and gynecologic surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, NY.

    Marc Schiffman, MD


    Dr. Marc H. Schiffman is specializes in interventional radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, NY.

    Jonathan Gorczyca

    VoiceLove Software Lead

    Helm Experience & Design

    Mitchell Tung

    VoiceLove Sr. Industrial Designer

    OneWorld DMG, PharmaDesign

    Jahanara Ali

    VoiceLove Business Advisor

    PhD Director, Bioventure eLab, Weill Cornell Medicine

    Michelle Cordner

    VoiceLove Advisor & Sales Team

    NYC Hospital Physician's Assistant

    Intensive care unit nurse, wearing protective equipment, holds up a tablet so that a critically ill patient can communicate with loved ones.

    Why we started

    COVID-19 magnified a broken communication system that had always existed. Patients, such as the critically ill or disabled, rely on intermediaries to facilitate communication with relatives and friends. Nurses often assume this role despite having an overwhelming workload.

    Video visits not only required precious time and troubleshooting, but they also proved to be too traumatic for many family members to see their loved ones suffering. VoiceLove could no longer watch major communication deficiencies affect patient care and knew a universal solution needed to be created.

    Over the next 6 months we worked tirelessly, getting feedback from social workers, nurses, cybersecurity experts, families and doctors to find a solution for all patients regardless of geographic, financial or health constraints.

    VoiceLove is the solution. The name VoiceLove became obvious to us when we started testing the app with patients and families and saw beautiful results.

    VoiceLove left us feeling inspired and excited to begin our work together.

    Association of University Radiologists

    Tested With Real People

    VoiceLove conducted a several month pilot collecting real feedback and insights from hospital staff, patients, families, and other stakeholders. The app is built based on real data, experiences and perspectives. Enter your email to get started with VoiceLove.