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Let's work together to ensure that we keep the heart in medicine. Connect with us to learn more about how to implement VoiceLove at your facility.

    How it works

    VoiceLove features an administrator dashboard that healthcare organizations can use to manage codes, connections and log activity.

    Step 1

    VoiceLove works with healthcare organizations to determine the needs of their patients, family and staff and find a plan that works best for them.

    Step 2

    Social workers assign patients their own dedicated channel to communicate with doctors, staff, loved ones and clergy.

    Step 3

    Users download the VoiceLove app from any smartphone and enter the channel access code to connect with each other.


    Healthcare staff, patients and families communicate through channels. Channels are purchased by healthcare organizations for patients and access codes are shared with families.

    Dedicated channel for individual patients
    Easy connection through access code
    Communication with multiple people per channel

    The App

    The app can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play store from any smartphone. Reusable Android phones are available through VoiceLove if needed.

    Secure connection through the facility's WI-FI
    Instant communication with one touch button
    Saved voice messages for future reference

    Frequently asked questions

    What if a patient cannot physically use the app?
    Is there a fee to download the app?
    Can family use VoiceLove to pray together?

    The Genesis of Voice Visiting Hours in the Time of COVID-19.

    American College of Radiology

    Let's work together to ensure that we keep the heart in medicine.

    Connect with us today to learn how VoiceLove could improve your in-patient experience and simplify communication.

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