Stay close and informed between medical professionals, patients, and loved ones by turning your phone into a user-friendly, HIPAA compliant walkie-talkie. Get in touch to find a plan that works best for your organization.

    Improve efficiency while connecting patients with loved ones

    Ensuring patients receive higher quality care by streamlining communication in hospital units.

    VoiceLove takes the middle-man out of communication. By allowing doctors and staff to directly contact relatives in a fast and secure way, important decisions can be made more efficiently. Staff is informed when a patient's condition changes, doctors can quickly implement new changes to care, and families can give approval for urgent medical procedures to be done.

    Loved ones stay involved and patients are never alone in the medical setting.

    Patients ↔ Families
    Healthcare Staff ↔Families
    Doctors ↔ Healthcare Staff
    Patients ↔ Clergy

    Increased Operational Efficiency

    VoiceLove communication has multiple uses throughout the medical setting that improve workflow as a result.

    Improved Patient Experience

    VoiceLove provides emotional value by assuring patients they are never alone and always connected with loved ones.

    HIPAA Compliant Organization

    VoiceLove is one of the only HIPAA compliant applications on the market that passes the American Disabilities Act.

    With Case Mode, the "hold to talk" button enlarges for ease-of-use. The phone stays on and audio messages play on speaker as they are received.

    Enhance the In-Patient Experience

    Enable independent communication

    VoiceLove is the only solution that can be used independently by critically ill, disabled, sight-impaired, or elderly patients. Case mode enlarges the "hold to talk" button and plays audio messages automatically.

    Make communication more accessible

    VoiceLove allows communication despite factors like limited visiting hours, travel issues, video connectivity, socioeconomic status, infectious disease, age or visitor restrictions, or conflicting schedules.

    Connect instantly with one touch voice messages

    A simple walkie-talkie system can be used regardless of technological knowledge. The voice-only functionality allows loved ones to stay connected despite situations where seeing a patient in video calls is too difficult.

    Foster spirituality opportunities

    Spirituality is more accessible through VoiceLove because clergy is able to meet demands. They can serve multiple people at once, bring in personal clergy, and offer religions that weren't available before.

    Protect Staff, Improve Hospital Workflow

    Minimize hazardous contact, protect staff health

    Protecting hospital staff should be a top priority so that they can better serve patients. VoiceLove eliminates the need for an intermediary to facilitate communication therefore minimizing exposure.

    Increase nurse job satisfaction

    Poor communication leads to hospital workflow breakdowns. Nursing stations and ICU's are inundated with calls from family. Fielding these calls, competes with staff time for clinical duties. VoiceLove frees their time.

    Improve efficiency and lower costs

    Doctors can struggle to reach family in the most critical moments. Operating rooms can even sit empty while surgeons wait for verbal consent, costing patients precious time and hospitals thousands of dollars. VoiceLove enables instant, secure and reliable communication.

    Maximize security, privacy and comfort

    Security, privacy and staff comfort is maximized with voice-only functionality when compared to video communication. VoiceLove allows communication without personal contact information being shared or publicized.

    VoiceLove is the only communication solution that can be used independently by critically ill, disabled, sight-impaired, or elderly patients.

    Simple Design, Robust & Compliant Solution

    Eco-friendly, protective case
    Eco-friendly, protective case

    A patent-pending, biodegradable case can be purchased that prevents phone contamination and inadvertent use of video recording. It can also be fixed to a hospital bed.

    Cost-effective reusable phones
    Cost-effective reusable phones

    Patients use their own phones, eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware. Phones can be purchased through VoiceLove for those that need them.

    Staff admin dashboard
    Staff admin dashboard

    Staff can manage channels and oversee all activity from the admin dashboard. Incoming calls are significantly lowered and outgoing updates are sent more efficiently.

    Easy access code connection
    Easy access code connection

    Channel access is easily granted by sharing an access code. Personal patient information and staff contact information is private and protected.

    Connecting Isolated Patients with Loved Ones

    Turn your phone into a HIPAA complaint walkie-talkie.

    A VoiceLove phone is stored in an eco-friendly protective case inside an operating room to prevent contamination and inadvertent use.

    We provide solutions for various healthcare organizations

    Nursing homes

    Tested With Real People

    VoiceLove conducted a several month pilot collecting real feedback and insights from hospital staff, patients, families, and other stakeholders. The app is built based on real data, experiences and perspectives.

    In the first month of the pilot alone, there were...

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    Decrease in Incoming Calls

    The ICU's glass windows isolating patients from socialization figuratively shattered.

    ACOG Frontline Voices

    Improve communication between organizations, patients and families

    The VoiceLove app was created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. We directly understand the communication needs of staff, patients and families. Get in touch to learn how to get started.